Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Obsession: Getting Right with Our Bodies

We all know that makeup and beauty products can only take us so far. To really look our best, to have radiant skin, and to combat the effects of aging we have to take care of our bodies. There is no instant cure or special product that will achieve these results like eating clean and exercising regularly will. Although many companies will try and convince us that their product will instantly make us more beautiful and healthy, I have come to the conclusion that makeup and beauty products only enhance what we are already working with. This brings me to this Friday’s Obsession: Getting right With Our Bodies.

Personally, I started this year off right with New Year’s Resolutions to take care of myself and become a healthier individual. I knew this resolve would get my skin looking clearer and more glowing, my body would become more toned, and day by day I would begin reducing my stress and impending aging. I lasted a few months going strong and the inevitable happened for me: I became lazy! The last few weeks I have been entirely off the beam. I stopped caring about what I have been eating and have not made it to the gym once (which I do PAY to go to.) So it is time to GET RIGHT!! I have officially rededicated myself to getting my body healthy so that I can reap the benefits of doing so. To me this means making healthier choices about the food I eat (I never last on any crazy diets) and doing my very best to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week. These, I know, are not outlandish goals and can easily be achieved with a little dedication and motivation. And the truth is once I get in the groove I not only feel better, I look better.

I believe this idea of treating my body with love and attention is the best beauty product I can use. The rest are just awesome bonuses that are so fun to play with!!


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