Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday: Obsession

So… I went a little crazy this week with the online beauty purchases (o.k. maybe really crazy) and I have been waiting as patiently as possible (admittedly not that patient) for them to arrive in the mail. At this point almost all of the packages have arrived, including my Urban Decay: Naked2 palate, Tarte: Amazonian Clay Gift Set, and various, and totally awesome, Mac products. I am, however, still waiting on a few miscellaneous makeup products and my bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean. I am absolutely in love with this product, which is why it is my Friday: Obsession this week. This cleansing conditioner replaces your shampoo, conditioner, leave- in conditioner, deep conditioner, and detangler leaving your hair full of volume and more than manageable. After using this product styling my some-what-straight/some-what-curly hair/ always-kind of-crazy hair is a breeze.

So, in anticipation, I wake up this morning thinking, “Today should be the day the rest of my haul gets here (insert ridiculously large smile here).” Like any true beauty addict, I check my email and start tracking my packages immediately. Nothing seems to bring my obsessive-ness out quite like online shopping! As I am reading through my mail I come across the smile stealing, gut wrenching, dream thieving email that states, “We’re sorry. Your shipment has been delayed 1-2 days.” WHAT?? DELAYED?? Now for the average person this may not mean much; perhaps a quick roll of the eyes, a negative thought of the postal system, and on to the next email. But for me, it is far more dramatic. For I know this simple email means I have to wait another 2 days for my hair to be UNBELIEVABLY soft and shiny. I have to wait for my scalp and hair to be refreshed and rejuvenated like no other shampoo/conditioner has done for me. It means I have to wait another 2 days for my hair obsession to be relieved. SO NOT FAIR!!

Although I know I will survive the next few days without my WEN, it certainly doesn’t stop me from wishing there would be a postal service miracle today

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