Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara Review

For a little while now I have been reading and hearing about what an amazing mascara Cover Girl Lash Blast is. I was told of the “volumizing, big lash” look I would achieve with 1-2 coats of this affordable mascara. With, what seems like, new mascara coming out weekly I was suspicious of these claims. I have heard many declarations like this one in the past, only to be disappointed after purchasing the product. But I knew I would never know if this mascara was “the one” without trying it.

I went down to my local Walgreens, purchased the mascara (waterproof), and went home to begin my very intense and very scientific testing. By that I mean I went home and applied two coats of the mascara to my eyelashes and observed. As you can see it was a very serious test 

I must say that I was definitely, pleasantly surprised by the results. My lashes did look thicker and more volumous. I have long eyelashes and sometimes mascara doesn’t hold the curl all day and this one definitely did. The lightweight mascara didn’t seem to weigh my lashes down like other brands I have tried in the past. The brush design seemed genius to me because it evenly coated my lashes without making them super goopey. At first glance this mascara doesn’t seem like it can do wonders for your eyes, but my experience says it did wonders for my eyes!

The only thing I did not like about Cover Girl Lash Blast was, when dry, the formula becomes stiff on your eyelashes. My personal preference when shopping for mascara is to create soft and full lashes. This mascara almost hit the nail on the head but fell short at the finish line!



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